Technical Specifications

Foundation Piles

Reinforced concrete piles are positioned under the most loaded points (under columns and building core area) in order to reduce settlements of the building and accordingly to reduce the stress in the structure which could lead over time to cracking of the structural frame.

Foundation and Frame

Complementing the foundation piles, a robust foundation raft or slab is executed to serve as the floor of the underground parking. The underground structure is a rigid concrete box that provides the necessary stability for the project and the certainty that possible earthquake forces can be transferred into the surrounding soil. Above this foundation, a reinforced concrete frame structure is executed, designed for maximum strength and durability.

(GF-4th floor)

It contains 15cm EPS (expended-polystyrene) insulation, adhesives, mechanical fixing, glass-fibre reinforcement layer and decorative plaster using products from Ceresit.

Ventilated Façade System
(5th/ 6th floor)

It contains non-corrosive aluminium substructure, 15 cm basaltic insulation (Rockwool) and Aluminium Lamelas in wooden optics with longlasting durability.

Thermal Break Elements

Balconies incorporate thermal break elements type EBEA by Peikko between the floor and balcony slab for maximum heat transfer reduction and elimination of mould risk.


Balconies feature classic metal railings and are equipped with storage boxes covered in Equitone fibre cement panels.


Dual layers of bituminous membrane from Büscher & Hoffmann; 25 cm of XPS thermal insulation by Austrotherm or similar.

Additional Features

Geotextile separation layer, 5 cm layer of washed gravel, and concrete pavers on walkable terraces from Semmelrock or similar.


It features 2 cm thick stoneware tiles, each measuring 60 x 60 cm, mounted on floating legs. This installation technique ensures that the terrace flooring is level with the apartment flooring, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Storage Space

Specially designed storage area integrated (intermediate levels) in the façade of the building. Also this is where the AC unit installation is positioned, therefore protecting the aesthetics of the building façade.

Additional Features

The flower pots on the 5th floor benefit from an automated irrigation system as well as the garden apartments come equipped with an automated irrigation system. This system includes a control panel that automatically schedules the timing and duration of watering for optimal plant care. Additionally, the garden apartments benefit from an individual water tap connection as well as secured access to the private garden from the outside.


High-speed elevators from TK Elevator with multimedia displays, operable via a smartphone mobile application.


Small-sized, rectified ceramic tiles (60/60 cm) for floors and stairs.


Wooden cladding and painted surfaces in white.


Black-painted installations and ceilings with a suspended centre section featuring indirect lateral lighting.

Comprehensive Approach

Quartier Azuga incorporates a holistic approach to energy efficiency, aligning and surpassing nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Building) standards. The project is among the first in Romania to achieve such standards within its price range, offering unparalleled value for money and setting a new benchmark for modern and sustainable living.

Thermal Insulation

superior thermal insulation of the building and apartments considering the applied technical solutions.

Rainwater Collection

water collection systems for irrigation – the 120m³ rainwater tank allows ensures full coverage throughout the year for the common green space area within the residential complex.

Smart Lighting Solutions

High-quality LED lighting is supplied in the common interior spaces. Exterior lighting/ street lights will be powered by solar energy/ photovoltaic cell that is charged during the day. Motion sensors are used in common spaces and underground parking.

Energy Consumption

76.4 [W/m2/year]


The garbage disposal system is conveniently placed underground in a separate room of each apartment building, allowing for separate collection of waste categories.

CO2 Emissions

5.4 [g/m2/year]

Running Costs

Lower gas & electricity bills by up to 70% (vs old apartment blocks built prior to 1990), 40% (vs standard apartment blocks built in the last 30 years) and 20% (vs minim nZEB standard).

Secured Access

Access on property premise only via secured access points, closed community.

Security Installations

CCTV at building entrances with a specially designed security room for the future security service company.

Single Key Access

Master key access system to apartment building, mailbox and apartment door – only one key to access all the locks you need.


Approximately 100 sqm of fully equipped space with an additional 90 sqm terrace on the ground floor of Building B. Space designed for community interactions and events with leisure space, dining space and co-working possibilities.

Green Spaces

Up to 40% of the project area is dedicated to green spaces with considerable investment into landscaping design & execution to ensure a seamless living experience.

Kids Playground

Positioned in front of the Clubhouse area with related equipment for children of all ages.

Urban Garden

Approximately 120 sqm outside space dedicated to the growing of seasonal vegetables/ fruits.

Dog Park

Approximately 30 sqm fenced exterior space dedicated to dogs.

Management Team

The management of construction is run by our in house construction team at STC Partners and led by Adi Steiner, Managing Partner, STC Partners, with over twenty years of professional experience in real estate, construction and project management, having successfully managed the development of landmark real estate projects in the country.

Management Tools

State-of-the-art digital management tools, such as Plan Radar software, are utilised to maintain seamless communication with contractors. This technology enables real-time updates and adjustments, ensuring that construction phases are completed according to schedule and specifications.

Quality Control

Strict quality control from supplier selection to final inspection, ensuring every aspect of construction meets our high standards.

Execution Solutions

Innovative construction techniques are employed to optimise building time and efficiency.

Waste Management

Construction waste is separated on-site with different type of waste separated during construction. The development has also made use of recycled material from the site (e.g., crashed concrete from demolition was used for work platforms and access roads).

Safety Protocols

Safety protocols are enforced for all construction staff to minimise risks and ensure a safe working environment throughout the project’s development.


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