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12% discount on the regular price list!

As a future resident of Quartier Azuga, you have the excellent opportunity to benefit from the services of Fabiani Design, a specialized full-service interior design company, to help you create a unique living experience in your apartment at a competitive price.

Quartier Azuga clients have the opportunity to select from one of the following two options:


Pre-set standard or premium offer for the apartment, which includes design and fit-out services.


Customized offer for the apartment, which includes consultancy, design and fit-out services.

We think it is important to consider getting the support of a specialized interior design company to help you create the best living experience in your apartment.

This exclusive partnership with Fabiani Design is meant to help you achieve it, in a convenient and affordable manner, as a fully integrated service when you are an apartment owner at Quartier Azuga.

"It brings us much joy to know that the future residents at Quartier Azuga have the option to benefit from excellent interior design services at competitive pricing. We collaborated with Fabiani Design in our previous residential project, Quartier Gramont, and we wished to extend the scope of this partnership for Quartier Azuga, considering how delighted our previous clients have been with the services of Fabiani Design. "

Adi Steiner, Managing Partner,
STC Partners

“We wished very much to be part of the Quartier Azuga story because we appreciate the quality of the project and the team behind it. We have been part of the project since the concept design stage, which means we understand the apartments’ particularities and project exceptionally well. This helps us in creating a unique living experience for future Quartier Azuga residents."

Adela Fabian, Owner,
Fabiani Design

About Fabiani Design

”We turn ideas into works of art”

Fabiani Design is a specialized full-service interior design company, located in Bucharest, Romania. The company has been active in the Romanian market since 2018 and offered specialized design services for over one hundred projects.

Our vision is that every space should inspire you to live your best life. The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. You can see more about us and our work below: