Select neighborhood, consolidated with science, refinement and passion.

Quartier Azuga, a way of living...

Quartier Azuga was designed to represent a lifestyle, not just the place where you sleep, eat or work. It is the home that conveys positive emotions, contentment and intense joy from the very beginning, from the second you move in.

Every detail has been well analyzed and taken into account in the development of the Quartier Azuga concept, in order to ensure the optimal experience for the future community. The project is designed as a small neighborhood, reinforced with science, refinement and a lot of passion.

Located in a green area overlooking the lake, the residential compound is distinguished by its uniqueness, given both the tranquillity and relaxing views around the complex (oriented toward the lake), the efficient partitioning of the apartments and the many facilities that residents will enjoy.

Quartier Azuga will become a landmark project in the area, without a doubt, and the community will enjoy a very high quality of life.


A specially designed common space for all residents with a generous interior area of over 100 m² and a garden of about 90 m².

nZEB and Green Homes Certification

The project benefits from high energy efficiency, thanks to the use of photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, underfloor heating and air recirculation system among others, all of which ultimately bring very low maintenance costs.

Surrounded by greenery, overlooking the lake and multiple facilities, you feel like you live every minute.

More than 50% of the apartments benefit from lake views, a promenade area with an opening of close to 100m by the lake that will be landscaped, while 35% of the land area is allocated to green spaces, including a kids playground and a park specially designed for dogs.

Ideal location

Lake view

Surrounded by greenery

Multiple facilities

The showroom apartments are open for visits

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